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May 1-2, 2019  
Orlando, FL

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Charles Butler
The Security Oracle, Inc.

Charles is a former Edison Electric Institute (EEI) Security Committee member, with several years managing an electric power corporate physical security and critical infrastructure protection program. A primary focus was force-multiplying security and operations staff with integrated smart security technology, while achieving improved protective effectiveness. His 35+ years in law enforcement and security have been largely served in senior leadership positions in the USAF Security Forces, E911 and industry. Also, as an executive consultant to organizations in these industries: energy; chemical; water; seaports; dams; telecommunications; aviation; financial; criminal justice; air, transit and rail transportation infrastructure; space program; military bases with nuclear weapons. He holds “train-the-trainer” certifications in Sandia National Laboratories’ Risk Assessment Methodologies for Chemical Facilities and Communities (RAM-CF and RAM-C), plus RAM-W for water systems. At The Security Oracle, Inc., he oversees the implementation of performance-based security risk assessment and design methods and state-of-the-art security technology and training. Included is a complete end-to-end solution per NERC CIP-014, as presented to FERC and EEI. Representative organizations served: Progress Energy, New York Power Authority, Lakeland Electric, Amtrak (projects= $55 million), Caltrain, The Mosaic Company, PortMiami, Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport, Tampa Bay Water, US Pentagon, US Space Command, Qtel and Qatar Petroleum.

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