Jim McKenneyPresenter at Secure Rail Conference

Jim McKenney

Technical Director

NCC Group

Jim has over 20 years’ experience. His most recent role is a Technical Director at NCC Group where he leads the process control aspects of assurance of software influenced Operational Technology (OT), Industrial Control Systems (ICS) and automation of sensors, logic solvers and final elements in transportation, logistics and manufacturing clients. His activities include technical research, new methods development, speaking at conferences and participating in industry initiatives such as the National Petroleum Council, NPC, American Passenger Transportation Association (APTA), Block Chain Alliance of Transport, Shipping and Logistics (BiTa) and the Kentucky Manufacturing Council. Jim has also worked extensively with NIST on the Cyber Security Framework (CSF), Validated Architecture Design Review (VADR), ICS Defense in Depth strategy and IEC 61511 Mod+. Jim’s first love is trains and heavy industries. In Europe, he led the delivery of assurance testing for new inter-city and commuter trains, while in the USA, he worked with I-ETMS (PTC) and ATC safety overlay systems. Jim is actively developing new methods and techniques to address the emerging risks of software influenced safety critical systems; working diligently to bridge the gap between functional analysis and software testing.

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