Paul VeenemanPresenter at Secure Rail Conference

Paul Veeneman

Partner, CTO, VP Operations

MBA Engineering

A thought leader in Information Technology with over 27 years of experience across multiple industries including Finance, Oil and Gas, Healthcare and Manufacturing. Paul has been actively working within the nation’s critical infrastructure, addressing challenges, providing guidance, insight and innovation in Industrial Controls/OT/IoT/IIoT/SCADA, Cyber Security requirements, governance, education and management. Paul's broad experience across numerous industries provides enterprise and Fortune 500 executive leadership in transportation, agriculture, energy and utilities with the knowledge and expertise to drive enterprise cyber security initiatives that span local, regional, national and international business goals and risk mitigation objectives. Paul's industry activities include contributions as a member of various Cyber Security Advisory Boards, development of OT/ICS/IT cyber educational curriculum, and guest speaker for organizational technology and business seminars, round tables and panels delivering cyber security critical path to audiences across various industries and core areas of national critical infrastructure. Paul recently accepted an appointment to the Cyber Security Joint Forum for Railroad Industry Suppliers with the Rail Information Security Committee (RISC) of the Association of American Railroads (

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